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Flat-roof Solar PV Commercial installation on fast-food restaurant in Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Solar Panels

The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels transform daylight directly into electricity and is a rapidly expanding market worldwide. The panels produce DC voltage during daylight hours, this is converted immediately to normal ESB compatible voltage and is distributed throughout your property. Excess power can be exported back to the grid, or used for space or water heating.

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Solar panel system installed at two story houses in Ballincollig, Co. Cork

SEAI Grants

Turn your home into a renewable power station! SEAI offers grants for solar panels to homeowners. Providing a grant of up to €2,100 to support the installation of Solar PV panels.
It also offers battery energy storage systems. This will reduce the electricity you currently purchase from your supplier and save you money.

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Man installing Solar Thermal panels at the roof of house/building with a sea view on the coast

Our Sales Process

Clean Energy Solar examines your energy consumption and proposes a system to meet a percentage of that demand. Solar PV Modules are mounted on the best available roof space. (Special brackets can be installed for ground mounting).The solar inverter (converts DC voltage to AC voltage) is connected to the main distribution board.

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“I’d also like to say that my experience so far with Clean Energy Solar is nothing short of first class. I have been impressed with their personnel, their knowledge and their responsiveness since my initial enquiry.”

Michael Murphy Midleton, Co. Cork

“Thank you for connecting me with Bridget and thank you to Bridget for setting me straight on the SEAI grant application process. I have now received the approval from SEAI so the installation can proceed as intended.”

E. Beechner Fermoy, Co. Cork

“The solar panels are wonderful. No heating system or immersion required for lots of hot water, for the majority of the year. A dream come true in my home. I frequently recommend Clean Energy Solar to my friends and family.”

Mary Dillon Lisnagry, Co. Limerick

“Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all pain free! I am so pleased with the product. Mate, your stuff is great! I will refer everyone I know.”

E. Beechner Fermoy, Co. Cork

Each year, Ireland receives 1100 to 1600 hours of sunshine. Harnessing just a tiny fraction of this energy can be essential to the transition to alternative energy in Ireland. Alternative energy solar energy can contribute significantly to Ireland’s renewable energy portfolio and future low-carbon energy mix through cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This article will discuss how companies like Energy Solar can provide renewable energy solutions that can protect the environment, reduce costs, and how it can support Ireland’s economy.

What is Solar Power?


The intensity of sunlight hitting the earth in 90 minutes can supply all of the world’s energy needs for a year. Solar technologies harnesssunlight to generate electricity through photovoltaics (PVs) or by concentrating sunlight through mirrors (CSP) or passive solar heating. You can use it for generating solar electricity or storing it in batteries or thermal storage.

-Photovoltaic cells (PV): This technology behind solar panels is probably the most familiar to you. PV produces and converts sunlight directly into electricity. Solar panel absorbs solar energy when the sun shines on them. The energy in the cell causes electrical charges to move due to the internal electrical field, resulting in the flow of electricity. The flexibility of solar PV, which can be mounted on roofs or on ground mounts, can empower Irish citizens to take control of their energy production and consumption.

-Solar thermal technology utilizes the sun’s heat to warm water or steam.

This is also known as concentrating solar energy (CSP). The CSP technologies use mirrors or lenses to focus the sun’s heat into steam, which powers a turbine that drives an electric generator.

-Passive solar heating involves using the sun’s rays to heat an interior space. Ever notice how natural sunlight streaming through a window can warm up your home, even on a chilly day? This is passive solar heating at work! Designing buildings to take advantage of the sun’s heat is possible.

Clean Energy Solar is your renewable energy solution

In the US, electricity generation is the second largest contributor to industrial air pollution. Coal, nuclear, and other nonrenewable sources generate most of our electricity. The energy production from these resources has severe environmental implications, polluting our air, water, and land. They are the world’s leading source of greenhouse gases, more polluting than all cars and air travel combined.

Fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas are not renewable since their quantity is finite. Once extracted, they will no longer be a commercially viable energy source. While natural processes produce these fuels, replenishing them is too slow to keep up with human consumption, leading to shortages.

So, what exactly is renewable energy? Renewable energy comes from natural resources that replenish themselves over time without depleting Earth’s resources. These resources are abundant, available almost everywhere, and cause little or no environmental damage. There are plenty of energy sources on the Earth, such as the sun, wind, and thermal energy.

With renewable energy, countries can reduce smog and toxic buildup in the air and water. Renewable energy sources can generate electricity without releasing carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary cause of global warming.

How Does Solar Energy Generate Electricity?

Upon installation, your solar panels are connected to devices to generate energy throughout your home. When the sun shines on solar panels, the panel generates electric current, also known as direct current (DC). However, before it can be used, DC must be converted into alternating current (AC). This conversion is possible by using an inverter.

AC can be used to power electronics, charge vehicles, and provide lighting. Inverters can be classified as either string inverters or hybrid inverters. Micro inverters are also available, but they are less common in Ireland.

A single-string inverter converts DC to AC and supplies the house with electricity, along with an immersion diverter in case of excess energy.

Supporting Solar in Ireland

There is currently financial support available for solar-thermal heating technologies in the form of grants from the (SEAI) Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. SEAI contributes up to €3,800 towards total installation costs. This project will also create jobs for Ireland’s solar industry.

SEAI also claims the project will lead to 100 percent self-consumption while enhancing public awareness of solar energy. In addition to its economic benefits, solar growth can play an essential role in helping Ireland reach its 2020 EU target of using 16 percent of renewable energy sources.

Professional and Experienced Solar PV Installers

To harness the sun’s energy to provide electricity and heat to your home is a complicated process. Proper equipment, tools, and design infrastructure are required to harness solar energy effectively.

Professional and experienced PV Installers are the backbone of the solar energy industry. They install and maintain the complex equipment and wiring that connects solar energy systems to the grid. PV installers like Clean Energy Solar can plan and prepare layouts for a system based on site characteristics. They can also do the following:


-Obtain permits

-Safely install solar panels on roofs or on the ground

-Install and wire and inverters

-Assess the safety and code compliance of equipment, structures, or materials

-Commission the device, making sure it performs as expected.


Globally, countries are concerned about protecting the environment and developing sustainable energy sources. So, the technology, the financial support, and experienced and qualified installers are available. With Clean Energy Solar, customers have access to a trusted PV solar company that offers solar panel experts and installers that can help you save money and protect the environment. The team of experts can install your solar system and maximize its efficiency. They will advise you on the best location for installing panels and ensure their maintenance is simple.

To find more information, you can type in the phrase solar energy Ireland, solar energy installers near me, or alternative energy Ireland into your search engine. You can also request a free quote and let their experts inspect your property to recommend the best renewable energy solution.

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