Solis Hybrid Invertor

Solis Hybrid Inverters allow you to store surplus energy in batteries for use later. Combined with our Pylontech batteries, this presents a truly affordable electricity storage solution for households and small businesses. Solis Hybrid Inverters have a wide range of functionality including;

  • Backup supply during grid outages – keep heating, lights, fridges, freezers and essential loads running during power cuts
  • Store surplus electricity during the day to power your house or business at night and reduce energy bills
  • Once batteries are run down, seamlessly return to running house on grid
  • Decide yourself how much power to store in your batteries in case of night-time outages
  • Dual MPPT solar inverter


Single Phase Installation
  • Available in a range of sizes to work with solar arrays of 3kW to 6kW
  • Fully programmable via the 7” LED screen
  • Up to 5kW AC Backup Output which can simultaneously use energy from the solar array, the batteries and the grid
  • Compatible with Pylontech USB2000 and USB3000 batteries.
Three Phase Installations
  • Available as a 10kW unit and for use with a solar array up to 16kW
  • 24-hour fully intelligent energy management
  • Remote control and upgrade facility
  • Ensures AC backup for up to 10kW of continuous power
  • Compatible with PylonTech FORCE H2 7.1kWh battery
Remote Meter Link Kit

For installations with the Meter located remotely from the Inverter

This kit allows you to link a hybrid inverter to a remote meter using a low power radio link.
The kit consists of two radio modules each supplied with:

  • Power supply (13A plug-in type)
  • Module Adaptor Cable (0.5m)
  • Antenna
  • RS232 Cable (not required for normal operation)

The radio modules have been configured to work with the hybrid inverter’s default settings. To prevent possible interference from an adjacent system, the radio modules in the kit are configured as a matched pair.