Solar Panels market in Ireland

Ireland once had one of the lowest energy consumption rates in the world but not anymore. With the EU making efforts to normalise the solar panel system in the country, Ireland is also standing in line as one of the top countries of the world to consume solar energy. This has increased the market potential for solar panel systems in Ireland, thanks to the widely spreading awareness from the official sources. In this blog we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the Solar Panels market in Ireland.

While Ireland is being counted in the progressing countries in terms of solar energy production and consumption, the country’s market rate is also experiencing a visible hike that is a good sign of the improved economy.

The Irish public are aware of what it means to be green. According to the Statkraft market research 4 in 5 (87%) Irish people are concerned about the threat of non-renewable energy on climate change. 7 in 10 (71%) Irish people are concerned about whether the power they use in their homes comes from a renewable energy source.

How common are the solar panels in Ireland?

The solar panel system has been taking a positive turn in the local and international market with the ISEA constantly making an effort to normalise the trend in Ireland. From the industries to the fields and residential areas, solar panels are gradually becoming common in the country with its economy witnessing an increased ratio for the overall betterment in the utilisation of the natural energy power sources.

Facts and Figures for the solar panels market in Ireland?

  • According to the country’s official sources and statements, the country will likely experience a solid hike in the solar panels market by almost 70%.
  • The heating water energy consumption in Ireland will be reduced to 80% which will play an important role in improving the general economy rate.
  • The solar panels market of Ireland is increasing with the passing time, especially in the current year.
  • With the help from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, more countrymen and industries will be able to afford the solar panel system.
  • The solar panel market in Ireland will be witnessing a 90% of the increased ratio by 2020 i.e. also the target for the country’s economic plan.
  • The solar panel market in Ireland is a great example from the country’s failed economy system for natural energy consumption to be gaining one of the highest consumption ratios in 2018 that will likely complete its target by the year 2020.

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