Who Benefits from Solar Energy in Ireland?

When looking into who benefits from solar energy in Ireland. We can see that with Ireland being part of the EU people are moving towards using renewable energy sources and doing away with non renewable resources. According to State of Energy Union Reports for 2021 – ‘The report shows that renewables overtook fossil fuels as the number one power source in the EU for the first time in 2020, generating 38% of electricity, compared to 37% for fossil fuels. To date, 9 EU Member States have already phased out coal, 13 others have committed to a phase-out date, and 4 are considering possible timelines. Compared to 2019, EU27 greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 fell by almost 10%, an unprecedented drop in emissions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought overall emission reductions to 31%, compared to 1990.’

Solar energy is fast overtaking non-renewable energy sources to generate sustainability. The advantages of solar energy out way the disadvantages and provide a long term return on your investment. Benefiting not only you and your family but the environment, water usage and air pollution.

Advantages of solar energy in Ireland

  • Renewable Energy Source -Solar works everywhere even when there are cloudy skies. 
  • Cost Savings- as you will now be meeting your needs of electricity with your solar energy system your electricity bills will decrease. The amount in which your bills decrease are dependent on the size of your solar panels and your usage of electricity in your home.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance and most reliable solar panel manufacturers offer a 20-25 year guarantee.
  • Technology Development – as with all technology, the innovations in quantum physics and nanotechnology are continuing to advance and this will in turn increase the effectiveness of solar panels and multiply the electrical input of the solar panel systems.
  • Increased Home Value – Solar energy will improve your BER. This can add approximately 5% to the value of your home. The PV solar panels will not only save you money but increase the value of your property and therefore exceed the initial investment costs. Therefore solar panels are a great idea if you are wanting to sell your home.
  • Environmental – reduce greenhouse gases and other dangerous pollutants. Solar energy reduces water consumption and withdrawal.

Let’s look at who will benefit from solar energy in Ireland?

As solar energy works everywhere it also works for everyone. SME’s, large industries as well as households can all benefit from solar energy

The farmers will have more opportunities to make their fieldwork easy and will also have an increased income. This will be done by allowing more power to get involved in the farm work and less consumption of human energy.

The country’s economy will definitely witness a solid hike after the solar panels are installed in the whole country. This way, Ireland will come in contact with the other developed countries of the world for an increased production rate of solar energy in collaboration with the industries.

The local residents will be able to save more in terms of setting up a monthly budget and working according to it. The solar panels will allow them to use the solar energy more without worrying about the increased consumption.

The ISEA is leaving no stone unturned to make it possible for all individuals living in Ireland to benefit from Solar Energy, with grants, and soon to launch micro generation schemes.