AmeriSolar Solar Panels

“Our  Mono & Polycrystalline AmeriSolar Solar Panels toast market leading module efficiencies and panel quality as assured by the NSAI Agrément certificate. We combine industry leading efficiency levels with options for beautiful black modules. A variety of module designs give you an unprecedented amount of freedom in choosing the right module for your job.”


Key Features
  • High module conversion efficiency up to 17.52% by using high efficiency solar cells
    and advanced manufacturing technology
  • Low degradation and excellent performance under high temperature and low light
  • Robust aluminium frame ensures the modules to withstand wind loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa.
  • Positive power tolerance of 0 ~ + 3 %.
  • High reliability against extreme environmental conditions (passing salt mist, ammonia and hail tests).
  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703, IEC 62716, IEC 61701, IEC TS 62804, CE, CQC, ETL(USA), JET(Japan), J-PEC(Japan), KS(South Korea), BIS(India), MCS(UK), CEC(Australia), FSEC(FL-USA), CSI Eligible(CA-USA), Israel Electric(Israel), InMetro(Brazil), TSE(Turkey)
  • ISO9001:2008: Quality management system
  • ISO14001:2004: Environmental management system
  • OHSAS18001:2007: Occupational health and safety management system
  • 12 year limited product warranty.
  • Limited power warranty: 12 years 91.2 % of the nominal power output, 30 years 80.6% of the nominal power output.
Technical Details
  • Performance
    High output and efficiency even under low light conditions.
  • Versatility
    Salt mist corrosion tested,  perfect for harsh climatic conditions.
  • Reliability
    Durable and reliable solar panels due to strongest quality control measured, testing and strict selection of raw materials and components. PID free (TUV certified).
  • Design and Innovation
    Perlight is committed to innovation and constantly working to provide the next breakthrough in solar technology: the new All Black panel is an example of this commitment.
  • Call Efficiency
    17.4 % – 18.8 %.
  • Product Warranty
    12 Years.
  • Power Tolerance
Datasheet for AmeriSolar